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St Francis Bay flood damage – letter of thanks for help

The St Francis Bay spirit of loving care and help was truly magnificent yet again yesterday (15 September 2012)  A shocked Paddy Oosthuizen, whose house was one of the one’s badly damaged in… Continue reading

10 year-old beats senior fishermen to the catch

A 10 year-old,  Michael Birch, is catching some some fine speciments from the deep locally. However this is much to the chagrin of senior fishermen who are being outclassed by this sprightly lad. St Francis… Continue reading

Patience called for during detours and pothole repairs

An appeal has been made for motorists to be patient and co-operative while potholes are being repaired. Certain sections of St Francis Drive are being closed resulting in detours. This week the slurring… Continue reading

Sprucing up St Francis Bay before season

Finance is available for tarring of the Sand River Bridge by the Provincial Roads Department later this month. This and other sprucing up, repairing and cleaning of St Francis Bay projects before season… Continue reading