Patience called for during detours and pothole repairs

An appeal has been made for motorists to be patient and co-operative while potholes are being repaired. Certain sections of St Francis Drive are being closed resulting in detours.

This week the slurring of one side of St Francis Drive on the corner of Nevil Road commenced.  Repairs here yesterday necessitated motorists making a detour along Kansies Road.  Today the other side of the road will be slurred.

These repairs are being done by Kouga Municipality’s pothole repair team.  All repair work to St Francis Bay’s roads so far has been funded solely by Kouga Municipality and not by residents.  Since the municipality stepped forward to fix the town’s potholes itself it has not been necessary to use any residents’ funds.

The municipal repair team under the watchful eyes and guidance of supervisor and project manager, Nigel Aitken, is fixing the potholes as fast as it can. Despite, rains and compactors breaking down the municipal team is continuing to forge ahead to repair St Francis Bay’s potholes.  All major roads in St Francis Bay are being repaired first and then the municipal team will fix suburban streets.

Aitken heads up the roads and infrastructure portfolio for the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA) and is voluntarily acting as a representative for the SFBRA in monitoring the municipality’s repair process. He is guiding the municipal team in prioritising which roads need to be repaired first.

There is a danger, however, that the tar could run out. Owing to a shortage of tar nationally because the refinery in Durban caught fire, there may be a delay in pothole repairs for a week or so until more tar is acquired. This refinery supplies tar to municpalities.

However, slurrying will continue even if there is no tar as this is a different process (i.o.w it does not neeed tar). Potholes on St Francis Drive towards the port that have not yet been completed will be filled temporarily until there is more tar.

The aim of repairing the potholes is to beautify St Francis Bay once again and to have it looking great before the annual hordes of holiday makers arrive here from the end of November.

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Next on the cards for repairs is the intersection of St Francis Drive and Assisi Road. Then the corner of Lyme Road South and St Francis Drive will be fixed. 

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