St Francis Bay flood damage – letter of thanks for help

The St Francis Bay spirit of loving care and help was truly magnificent yet again yesterday (15 September 2012)

 A shocked Paddy Oosthuizen, whose house was one of the one’s badly damaged in the flood  of water and debris  yesterday in Santareme, St Francis Bay, said she rushed back from PE to find her  house, garden and garage a huge mess  of debris and water. The debris was way up to the windows, the garage was swamped with the debris grunge and the house downstairs was flooded with water and debris!

But scores of residents  just arrived and  immediately set about voluntarily cleaning up the deluge throughout the whole day. By yesterday evening at 5.30 pm the house had been left clean and was intact except for damp carpets and stacked-up furniture still.

Thank you to  these caring souls who helped Paddy!

Here is Paddy’s personal thank you:

A big ‘Thank You’  from Paddy Oosthuizen:

“I would like to express my most grateful thanks to all those members of the community that rushed to my aid on hearing of the flooding of my home. 

“Enormous thanks go to Sandie Campbell, Eleanor Carides,  Jean & Ian Fynn, Peter and Cheryl Maskew, Nigel Aitken, all the Straub girls, Elaine Lester, Marion Smith, Alan Jones, Neil and Elmien Geldenhuys and most probably a number more that I have forgotten. 

“If I have missed someone please forgive me as I wasn’t thinking very clearly. All these folks came in and generously offered their time and energy to sweeping away tons of water and mud.

“All I can say is that the people of St Francis Bay are the kindest most caring folk on this planet. Thank you so much.!”

“Apart from these folks there were huge numbers of friends and acquaintances that popped in to find out if I was ok and to offer whatever help I may need.

“Thanks to Willem Kriel, my broker who rushed back from a trip to come and inspect the house and take pictures for insurance purposes. Thanks to James Chandler who popped in to offer his services.  Thanks to Keith Donaldson, Wendy and Brendan Lynch, Brett and Diane for offering help and support”

 – Paddy Oosthuizen

See article giving all the details of the flood of debris yesterday (and the photos):

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