Breaking News! Missing French sailor, Emmanuel Dailler, has been found

-Edited by Bev Mortimer- The French solo sailor, who appeared to be missing at sea , arrived in the French Caribbean early this morning , 23 April.

Emmanuel Dailler on his yacht Akela II – is now in Martinique

-Breaking News!-French Sailor, Emmanuel Dailler, sailing solo on the yacht Akela II, arrived safely at Martinique Island in the French Caribbean and informed his family of the good news.
There had been widespread concern as he did not arrive during the expected time frame in the Caribbean and news releases went round the world for anyone who has contact with Dailler, to contact the NSRI or Maritime authorities.
The yacht was reported to have only marine VHF radio communications onboard and had no name on the hull.

The NSRI, Maritime authorities, French authorities and the Maritime Community at large had been monitoring to hear any news of the whereabouts of Dailler’s since he left Heft Hout Bay Yacht Club on 2 March. Dailler was believed to be heading to Martinique Island, French Caribbean. He informed his wife and family of his safe arrival this morning early.

Relieved to hear Dailler is safe, the NSRI thanks everyone involved in coordinating the search effort. NSRI remained in close contact with the family in cooperation with French authorities and South African authorities.
NSRI express gratitude to all who showed concerns and who assisted in this enquiry. In particular the media are commended for the wide coverage achieved on behalf of the concerned family.

The NSRI urges all sailors to ensure that their safety equipment, such as EPIRBs, are up to date and in good working condition, as they can be life-saving in an emergency situation. The sea rescue organisation also advises seafarers to have a number of communication devices to keep in communication when embarking on long voyages.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) provides an essential rescue service to anybody who finds themselves in difficulty on South African coastal and inland waters. South Africa has a vast array of water users and each life lost means a family and a community in distress.

This is according to Brett Ayres, Executive Director of Rescue Services at the NSRI who states that the organization on average responds to nearly 900 emergencies a year. However, the first two months of 2023 have been rather busy in comparison to previous years.

NSRI EMERGENCY: 087 094 9774

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