Mother and NSRI Hartebeespoort Medics save toddlers life

-Edited by Bev Mortimer- A one year-old child was narrowly saved from drowning yesterday owing to swift action by the mother and NSRI Medics.

The mother and father lost sight of their child for only a few moments before they found their child had dipped into a residential pool in the Hartebeespoort Dam area of the North West Province and was floating face down.
The mom immediately rescued the child from the pool and the alarm was raised.

Photo: Hartebeesppoort dam, Credit Wikimedia – NJR ZA

The NSRI says the incident happened at a residential swimming pool in Schoemansville in North West province of South Africa and NSRI Hartbeespoort Dam crew members immediately responded to a distress call.
The NSRI volunteer crew on duty, and NSRI medics, initiated efforts to expel water from the toddler, including pulmonary resuscitation efforts. The boy regained consciousness and spontaneous breathing.
The NSRI HQ acknowledges that it was thanks to the quick and efficient actions of the volunteer NSRI members on duty at Hartebeespoort dam area and the child’s mother, that the child was successfully resuscitated. NSRI commends everyone involved for their swift response and effective teamwork
NECSA (Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa) ambulance services were activated and arrived swiftly with NECSA paramedics and evaluated the child. They determined no further medical intervention was necessary a the child was deemed healthy and safe.
The NSRI urges all members of the public to remain vigilant when children are in or around water. Parents are also requested to ensure that safety precautions are taken at all times and safety barriers are placed around residential swimming pools.


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