New bridge across the Sand to be competed this evening

According to a foreman at the construction site at the broken Sand River bridge, a new double lane bridge has been built on the Links side of the old bridge. Speaking in an… Continue reading

Latest updates on Sand River bridge

  The latest news is that they are taking longer to build a one lane bridge across the Sand River than initially anticipated… so St Francis Bay residents are marooned here for another… Continue reading

Impatient motorists try to drive vehicles on footbridge

Impatient and iritable motorists are attempting to drive their vehicles over the footbridge that was created last night over the Sand River to help workers get to to and from work – instead of… Continue reading

Latest update on fixing of the bridge

 A bypass is going to be built to allow vehicles access to/from St Francis. According to the municpality it is hoped the bypass will be completed by tomorrow at the latest. The municipality… Continue reading

Foot crossing now built across the Sand River

  There is now a foot crossing acros the Sand River, built by volunteers and under the supervision of the disaster management team last night. Early this morning (7 am) as the these… Continue reading

The floods by Jeff Clause

For the past 8 weeks, water has been accumulating in the Sand River catchments above the Sand River Bridge towards Oyster Bay. Water came into the west side of the Links in early… Continue reading

Back to using borehole water as Churchill pipe breaks

St Francis is now using borehole water again after a section of the main water line from the Churchill Dam to the town washed away on Tuesday this week. The municipality planned on… Continue reading

Motorists stranded as Sand River bridge is demolished

It looks like a tsunami coming!” These words were spoken by one of the disaster management team as he looked towards St Francis Links Golf course  from the top of a hill. And… Continue reading

Stormwater damage to Main beach dune wall

Inadequate storm water drainage at St Francis Bay’s main beach caused flood waters  from the recent rains to gauge a huge donga as the waters flowed across the car park to the cliff… Continue reading

‘Dammed’ if they do, ‘dammed’ if they don’t

Lovely rains in the Eastern Cape and the rising of the dam levels has set consumers’ hopes soaring that water restrictions will ultimately be lifted and the high water tariffs decreased. But it… Continue reading