Cape St Francis crime prevention measures for 2012

The following are the Cape St Francis Sector Police Forum’s crime prevention measures for 2012:

Representation on Crime Forums
We will continue to represent the community on the crime forums.
This involves two meetings a month between the community representatives, SAP and the security companies.
In this regard we desperately need the services of a secretary to send out notices, take minutes and maintain a database of residents.

Monitor access to the village:
There are many access routes into the village; mostly they are foot paths through the bush. Previous attempts to close certain of these
paths with bush had very limited success.
On advice from various consultants and the security companies it appears that the use of Hi Tech surveillance equipment is a solution.
The CPF has therefore approved the purchase of one mobile station at a cost of R 5000 funded from existing reserves. This system will be rotated on the bush paths we believe are most frequently used as access and escape routes. It will have the capability of taking hi resolution photographs and will communicate these to a number of cell phones and computers in SMS, MMS and email format.
Smhart has offered to install a system of beams at one strategic access point in order to monitor movement in that location and communicate to SAP and the security companies for immediate response. Simon Edwards of Calibre Security has prepared a omprehensive proposal for very hi tech camera surveillance for the whole of CSF and SFB. Copies of this proposal which envisages approval by a majority of residents and to be funded on a monthly levy through the Kouga municipal accounts system can be obtained from Simon directly.

An electrified fence with sensors extending the existing Airpark fence to the Rocky Coast Farm is under consideration. The Links and Smhart are in the process of installing cameras at the Links traffic circle. This circle is considered a strategic point as all vehicles have to pass this point. During the year this circle was illuminated in order to improve security.

Funds are needed to progress with these initiatives as follows:
* Further low cost cameras are required at a cost of R5000 each.
* Mast mounted military quality long range cameras are estimated at R50000 each. Such cameras could obviate the need for a fence.
* An electrified fence is estimated at R350000.This is based on the actual costs to the Airpark.
* The Links and Smhart are providing the beams and the Links circle camera free of charge.

Foster co-operation:
We will continue to foster the relationships between the community, SAP and the security companies. This approach has already proved successful in the recent arrest of criminals.
We are in the process of petitioning the Senior State Prosecutor to try a number of known habitual criminals in the Regional Court in order to obtain longer jail sentences and thereby keep these criminals out of our areas for longer periods.
In this regard we must thank all stakeholders for their support and the hundreds of signatures collected. However, we need a greater participation by the community.We need “Lookouts” through out the village.
All crime, no matter how petty must be reported to SAP, this helps them motivatethe need for additional resources.
SAP need volunteers to man telephones, review camera footage, prepare notices, transport personnel and “Reservists” are needed particularly during the holiday season.

Crime awareness:
SAP and the security companies have repeatedly reported a lack of crime awareness. Most house burglaries are undertaken at occupied premises and include the theft of wallets, cell phones, laptop computers, Ipods and Ipads.
In most cases access was gained through open or unlocked doors, open windows with no burglar proofing and in all but a few cases the alarm system was not activated.
Holiday makers are prime targets on their night of arrival.We encourage the security companies to be more proactive in their service
delivery by:
* Phoning their clients on arrival on holiday and advising them to arm their alarms
* Offering an alarm maintenance plan.
* Phoning or calling on the aged to assist them with their alarm systems
* Phoning clients at random when they notice that alarms are not being armed.
* Residents are requested to notify SAP and the security companies of suspicious individuals and activities in the village.
In order to achieve our plans for 2012 we desperately need a greater commitment from the residents we are trying to protect, this includes the following:
* Additional representation from permanent residents.
* Residents to volunteer as eyes and ears in their immediate neighbourhood.
* A more proactive approach by the security companies.
* Funding for the various initiatives detailed above.

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