Blind Husky dog rescued by NSRI on New Year’s Day

A blind husky dog perilously perched on a cliff ledge was rescued by a Simonstown NSRI volunteer team yesterday.

Cameron Davidson carrying the blind husky dog down the mountain to safety. Picture: Chops Craig/NSRI.

The dog, Maddox, was found 30 meters up a mountain. It had apparently negotiated the mountainside until it could proceed no further.

It was unable to see its way out of its predicament and had to be calmed by an NSRI volunteer before it could be lifted to safety.

NSRI Simonstown volunteer sea rescue duty crew were requested by Metro EMS to investigate reports of a dog trapped on a cliff on the mountainside above Glencairn, near Simonstown. An NSRI team of rescuers hiked up the mountain before reaching Maddox.

When NSRI rescuers arrived on-scene the dog appeared skittish and unwilling to be approached. The NSRI did not know Maddox was blind at the time.

NSRI rescuer Cameron Davidson then sat near to the dog with a bowl of water, for about half an hour. Maddox eventually edged closer.

Canern Davidson with Maddox, the blind Husky dog, at the spot where Maddox was found. Picture: Chops Craig/NSRI.

Once it had a few laps out of a water bowl he and Cameron became best friends. The dog was at first reluctant to leave Cameron’s lap before it was gently carried down the mountain.

The dog’s owner, Ashley Sisson, has expressed sincere thanks to NSRI Simonstown for its efforts. Madox had apparently gone missing out of the Sisson’s garden on New Year’s Eve. Sisson had tried desperately yesterday to find it.

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  1. Wonderful feel good story – pity that this all came about more than likely by the selfish setting off of fireworks. To many dogs have gone missing after NYE, due to panic caused by people setting off fireworks illegally. My wish for the NY is that people become more educated on the effects of fireworks and more people vow to stop using them – our 2 minutes of fun is misery for dogs and other animals, and for some even pain and death.
    So glad to see this dog reunited with its owner – alls well that ends well at least for this fur angel.

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