NSRI advises caution during bad weather conditions

-Edited by Bev Mortimer- Bad weather conditions with heavy rains, flooding, high seas, overflowing rivers, blocked or impassable roads, as well as a severely cold fronts with icy winds, and snow in parts of the Eastern Cape and elsewhere in South Africa have been anticipated.

The NSRI is appealing for safety during the cold front expected to prevail over the weekend in places around South Africa.

Strong winds, heavy rain, flood conditions and flash floods, thundershowers, rough sea conditions – are forecast by the South African Weather Service (SAWS ) in places .

On Sunday, 21st October 2012, NSRI Port Elizabeth volunteers assisted in the rescue of a Christian group, SAMCA, upstream of the Swartkops River cut off from mainland by rising waters on the Swartkops River. Picture Daniel Heimann.

People venturing outdoors are advised to follow weather services for updated forecast weather alerts.

The NSRI urges seafarers, shoreline anglers, coastal hikers and bathers to be cautious during rough sea conditions around the coast.

“We appeal to seafarers, especially fishermen and sailors, to wear their life-jackets during rough sea conditions,” the NSRI says..

“Do not attempt to cross over bridges, roadways or through rivers affected by flood conditions and be and cautious of flash floods along inland river ways.

“Extreme Sports enthusiasts, making the most of strong winds and rough seas, are urged to have all safety measures in place including NSRI’s RSA SafeTrx smart phone application.

“Even after a cold front has passed sea conditions can remain rough in places around the coast. Deep sea storms can bring rough sea conditions to the shoreline even when weather conditions are good around the coastline

Have safety top of mind at all times especially during adverse weather conditions.” the NSRI adds.

NSRI and the emergency services are as always on alert to respond to emergencies. Call NSRI Emergency: 087 094 9774


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