NSRI PE rescues four men in the sea

-Edited by Bev Mortimer- The NSRI says a boat carrying four crewmen was capsized by a wave in the channel while it was exiting from the Noordhoek ski-boat club.

The crew managed to climb onto the upturned hull of the ski-boat.

NSRI rescues in PE

The NSRI PE crew members who had earlier towed their rescue craft to a nearby beach witnessed the capsizing and immediately went to the rescue and transferred the crew onto the rescue craft.

The crew were then transferred onto a fellow fishing ski boat and brought to shore. One man had sustained minor cuts and bruises, but the other sere unharmed.

In another incident in PE on 1 May, a boat with three men on board capsized while returning to shore. The trio manged to swim ashore without assistance and were not injured.

An NSRI rescue tractor was dispatched to assist in the recovery of the capsized boat that was recovered off the beach onto the owners trailer.

NSRI PE duty coxswain, Kevin Warren, urges all seafarers to stay safe and exercise caution while out at sea to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers. The NSRI is always on standby to provide assistance in emergency situations and encourages everyone to make use of its services whenever needed, he says.


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