Man bitten by shark in Transkei, airlifted to hospital

-Edited by Bev Mortimer- Breaking...A man free diving at Mdumbi in the Transkei area of the Eastern Cape, was bitten by shark yesterday, 1 May, at about 2pm South African time.

Mdumbi, Wild Coast in the Transkei , Eastern Cape of South Africa

NSRI and local authorities are appealing to bathers in the area to be cautious. The local, inured man, aged about 40, sustained lacerations from the shark bite and was airlifted by helicopter to hospital.

Bruce Sandman, NSRI Headquarters Operations Manager, said NSRI Mdumbi lifeguards and NSRI Headquarters lifeguard instructors conducting lifeguard training, responded and the shark-bite victim was found to be in a stable condition.

He was transported by private transport to a local medical clinic where he was first attended to by a doctor.
NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre), together with an NSRI Headquarters Operations duty controller, NSRI East London duty controllers and NSRI Eastern Cape regional duty controllers, had alerted the EC Government Health EMS that dispatched an EMS helicopter, Mercy Wing 9.

The injured man was airlifted to hospital in the care of EMS paramedics for further medical care and he is recovering.

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