Good Samaritan rescues lady in sea with NSRI rescue buoy

-Edited by Bev Mortimer-

A Good Samaritan, using an NSRI rescue buoy, assisted alady in the sea at the surf line at Salmon Bay in the north Coast in , KwaZulu-Natal province on this week on 19 April.
Using one of the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys that the NSRI has placed at strategic spots on popular beaches, Daniel van Huysteen, a local skipper and a swimming instructor at a local school, leapt into the surf to assist the lady, who was in a rip current, and who appeared to be struggling to stay afloat. He assisted her safely back to the beach. No emergency response was required.
The NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy has proven to be an effective tool for aiding in rescues.
This was the 146th Pink Buoy rescue since Pink Buoys were created and established at beaches in South Africa.

Placed strategically on signs at selected inland rivers, dams and at beaches, these bright pink buoys act as a reminder to take care if there are no lifeguards on duty, and that in the event of someone getting into difficulty in the water, they can be used as emergency flotation until help arrives. Their bright pink colour allows them to be easily seen.


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