Power Alert!! Stage 6 load-shedding maybe from 5pm today!

Eskom CEO, Andre de Ruyter, says ‘Stage 6’ load-shedding could be implemented from 5 pm today owing to a breakdown of power plants and a deterioration of operations, including industrial action by Eskom workers, overnight. “There is a very real risk of Stage 6 load shedding from peak tonight”
An emergency meeting was held by Eskom earlier this morning at which it was stated:
“At least 10 operating units tripped, resulting in unplanned losses. Only 2 units have returned.
“4 units will not return today. 4 others expected to return – hopefully before evening peak (to prevent Stage 6)
“One unit at Matla is also expected to return today, but is dependant on staff availability.
“The capacity loss is around 6000 MW
“The outlook for the day is not positive.
“We are in an extremely difficult position”
Stage 6 doubles the frequency of stage 3 and outages will be scheduled over four-day periods for four hours at a time.


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