Humansdorp-St Francis road to remain closed overnight through strike action


The R330 from Humansdorp to St Francis Bay is still closed to traffic today, 14 September, since it was blocked off by protesting strikers nine hours ago, from around 5 am.

strike action outside Humansdorp

Photo from Sharon Tennant shows road blocked off at 5 am this morning

The strikers were reportedly protesting over housing promises made in the past but not yet honoured. Police said the road was still closed at 2.30 pm today.
Kouga’s Executive Mayor, Elza van Lingen was in negotiations with the strikers earlier this afternoon. However, the road is still blocked off by the strikers and so the road will remain closed tonight and the SAPS and Kouga municipal officials will assess the situation tomorrow morning.
Many people in St Francis or Humansdorp were inconvenienced today as they they could not get through through to and alternative routes made them miss or be late for work or other appointments, while some children had to miss school.
St Francis Bay resident, Sharon Tennant, said she was following an ambulance taking her husband to hospital urgently at 5 am this morning when the ambulance had to stop because strikers had blocked off the road. The police were called and strikers only allowed the ambulance through. Sharon was not allowed to follow the ambulance. Fortunately a farmer showed her a short cut through his farm and she managed t travel to PE a half hour later.
Police said they are on the scene in an advisory capacity, plus they are there to contain the protest and prevent protesters from spreading out to other areas.
The municipality says alternative roads for motorists to use are the Oyster Bay Road or Lombardini/Langkloof roads. Motorists are advised to drive with caution.

Photo from Sharon Tennant shows strike action outside Humansdorp

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