St Francis Chronicle August 2017 edition is now online

The August 2017 print edition of St Francis Chronicle is available online for our readers countrywide in South Africa, for those in Southern Africa and for those across the globe.

Click on the page numbers in succession to read the entire paper:  

p1   p2   p3   p4   p5   p6   p7   p8-9   p10   p11   p12   p13   p15   p16

For those readers with mobile devices we have a mobile friendly edition, courtesy of here:

Also find us and ’Like’ us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news posted on St Francis Chronicle Newspaper at:


The latest edition, September 2017, has been prirnted and is out on select store shelves in the Eastern Cape area of PE and Kouga. (Note: We are now placing each edition online a month later) . To receive the St Francis Chronicle monthly edition straight after print and in the same month it was printed, to your inbox, please send an email with your name and email address to: (T&Cs apply).


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