Child Welfare appeals for funds to protect childrten

Edited by Bev Mortimer, St Francis Chronicle  (Please share the plight of Child Welfare)

Child Welfare South Africa, at 93 years old, is the largest and oldest child protection organisation in the country, but the loss of Lotto funding last year and other past financial problems has plunged CWSA into a financial crisis without means to meet all its commitments.

Child Welfare now appeals to all South Africans to help it continue to protect children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by donating as little as R12.

The organisation says previously the organisation experienced poor financial planning with a recurring annual shortfall. Fund raising, such as the former Red Nose Day, project, were held to meet shortfalls.

However an increasing reliance on Lotto and the Department of Social Development made CWSA vulnerable to financial collapse.

The recent implementation of a sound financial system and appointment of a new financial officer, coupled with a new RU1 fundraising campaign promises to ensure CWSA’s long-term sustainability with a constant income stream.

The RU1 campaign will have an impact on the financial turnaround of CWSA but it needs the help of every South African and corporate businesses.

A press release at the end of last month stated: “We appeal to every South African to go to and donate as little as R12.00 to RU1. We appeal to our media – radio, print and TV to join in the fight to save CWSA by

assisting us in publicising the plight of CWSA and the impact on our children should CWSA cease to exist.

“Children have no control over their circumstances,”CWSA says and it has for  93 years, taken the responsibility to ensure their protection.

The organisation also says the recent appointment of the new national executive director and chief financial officer  has resulted in a change in leadership and focus with the implementation of a transparent, sound financial management system. “This has resulted in a clean audit for 2015/2016 and the development of a dedicated and focussed fund raising campaign with the specific focus on ensuring CWSA’s financial independence.

“The RU1 fundraising campaign focuses on creating a permanent capital fund, within the RU1 Endowment Trust, with the primary purpose to consolidate donations, diversify financial support and ensure CWSA’s long-term sustainability with a constant income stream.

CWSA is a National Umbrella Organisation advocating for children’s rights and supporting 164 member organisations in South Africa.


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