Fun-filled Family Day on St Francis canals

The St Francis College, together with some local businesses, are organising and sponsoring a Family Fun Day this Saturday, 18 March, at Quaysyde on St Francis Bay’s canals.

Designed to be the same as the highly popular and acclaimed Easter function at the same venue last year, this month’s event will feature more sports for sport enthusiasts.

Photo: Having fun at last year’s  event.

There will be a Triple Challenge triathlon by The Store in association with RVCA, featuring a swim, run and paddle for Junior and Open divisions. In addition to this there will be all the usual fun and favourite things, such as food stalls, games, clown show, gymnastics display and many activity stalls.

An exciting, fun addition is a combined join-in by everyone to a tremendous big Canal Float at 12.30. The event starts at 9 am and concludes at 3 pm. Entrance is R20 p/p.

More photos of fun last last year’s event… All photos by Bev Mortimer.

“After a very successful Family Fun Day last Easter, we are pleased to host the St Francis College Family Fun Day and that the college has taken up this opportunity again,” says primary donor of the event, Nevil Hulett.

The Family Fun Day is the brainchild of the St Francis College Parents Association (SFCPA). Besides Quaysyde is inclusive of The Brewing Company, RVCA and SuperSpar sponsors, plus the input of some other local businesses and organisations.  

“We want this to be a Community Event where many local businesses get support and exposure, while trying to raise funds for our local school” says Heather White, Chairperson of the SFCPA. “Quaysyde continues to grow as a venue for community gatherings.”

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