NSRI St Francis evacuates unconscious man man from chokka boat

NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer duty crew today, 27 November,  evacuated a fisherman who had collapsed and was unconscious on board a chokka boat offshore of St Francis’ private port.

The pulse less and breathless man was transferred to the NSRI sea rescue craft, Spirit of St Francis II, where CPR was initiated and continued until arrival at the port where ambulance paramedics took over. After all efforts to resuscitate the man were exhausted, he was declared deceased.

St Francis Bay Station commander, Sarah Smith, said  at 4.07 pm the crew were activated  following a request for assistance from the  local chokka fishing vessel, Derma, that reported a crewman had collapsed unconscious, suffering suspected dehydration. Derma was in the vicinity of Aasvogels and was heading to St Francis’ port.

The NSRI expressed its sincere condolences to family, friends and fellow crewmen.                          – Edited by Bev Mortimer

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