Couple and grandaughter threatened and robbed in St Francis Bay

A middle age couple and their granddaughter were allegedly threatened with a knife by three intruders who broke into their Santareme  home in St Francis Drive in the early hours of this morning.

The intruders allegedly made off with valuable items taken from the double-storey house.

The mother of the granddaughter, told St Francis Chronicle that her daughter arrived in St Francis Bay on Sunday this week  to have a holiday with her grandparents.  The mother received a call at 3.14 this morning from her daughter.

Her father apparently got up to go to the toilet and saw a person in the room. There was a struggle between him and an intruder who allegedly had a knife.

Her father received minor cuts and bruises when he fought back. The intruders also allegedly held a knife to her mother’s throat and stole items such as  handbags, wallets jewellery, cellphones and the panic buttons.  Plus from her daughter’s room they allegedly stole a cell, laptop, Samsung tablet and wallet.

They then apparently left in a hurry, jumping down a stairwell onto a landing before fleeing the scene.

St Francis Bay SAPS has confirmed the incident took place.  Detectives and police took fingerprints at the scene and are investigating the incident and searching for the perpetrators.  Anyone with any info relating to this incident, who can assist the cops is asked to contact the local SAPS on 042 200 1817.

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