St Francis Chronicle Novemeber 2016 print edition is now online

St Francis Chronicle November 2016 print edition is now online.


This free, community, print newspaper for St Francis, Kouga and Port Elizabeth readers has been placed online for the benefit of those readers living around Southern Africa or across the globe, who have holiday homes in St Francis, or who have family or friends here.

On this page you can download the edition suitable for reading on desktops and laptops. Click on the pdf pages, below, to read each page of this month’s edition:

p1  p2  p3  p4  p5  p6  p7  p8  p9  p10  p11  p12-13  p14  p15  p16   p17   p18  p19   p20-pdf  p21  p22   p23  p24 


For those with portable devices such as cell phones and tablets, there is a smaller digital version of the November edition, courtesy of issu at: