Another vehicle flies off the Sand River Bridge

 By Bev Mortimer

A silver-grey bakkie left the temporary Sand River Bridge,  probably early this morning, and landed on the dune alongside and below the bridge.

According to reports just received by St Francis Chronicle, the bakkie was visible there two hours ago and there were skid marks.

This latest  incident is just one of many  – more than 50 since the first temporary bridge over the Sand River was built – after a wash-away of the original in the 2011-2012 floods.  The first wash-away this century was on 7 July 2011.


Photo taken by Bev Mortimer on 7 July 2011 showing flood water  from upstream racing towards the Sand River Bridge, shortly before the original bridge (aka causeway) washed away.

The last news update on the building of a new, permanent bridge indicated the EC Provincial Roads’ Department would start the construction of the new bridge this year…  but there does not appear to be any construction work underway as yet.



Photo shows the badly eroded bank of the first temporary Sand River Bridge. caused by storm waters

The vehicle accidents keep occurring as motorists do not heed the speed limit signs and race to the bridge, plus there are no solid barriers to prevent cars flying off.

The bridge over the Sand River is currently the only access  to and from the St Francis area for residents and visitors.  When it washes away,, residents on the side of St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis are effectively marooned.

Read about the wash aways  here…

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