No arrests yet for murder of young Sea Vista man

No arrests have been made as yet for the murder of the 19 year-old man from Sea Vista, Fabian Goeda, in St Francis Bay who was found dead in Humansdorp on Sunday this past weekend, 8 May.

 The man’s name was released a few minutes ago  Lt Gerda Swart of the SAPS Uitenhage Communications said Humansdorp police are following up on leads.

According to reports to this paper from eye witnesses in the Sea Vista suburb of St Francis Bay, after the murder  certain residents in the  area then took to the streets in anger and uproar on Monday this week, 9 May, and there was some violence, plus reported damage and looting of Somalian shops. Fighting apparently motivated by anger and xenophobia broke out.

Members of the police arrived  and patrolled the area strictly on Monday, dispersing crowds and trying to calm people down. 

At about 3 pm, police in St Francis Bay arrested 2 suspects aged 36 and 57 for public violence after eight foreign national shops were looted in the area of Sea Vista in St Francis Bay. It is believed that the actions were triggered by a case of a man that was allegedly murdered in Humansdorp yesterday.

Police are monitoring the situation, and most foreign nationals in the area had voluntarily vacated the area to a safer place.

Humansdorp cluster commander, Brig Neil Jantjies has issued a stern warning to those who are involved in criminal activities that they will face the full might of the law.

The men arrested for public violence were due to appear in court today.

See photos of angry, shocked crowds in Sea Vista on Monday:


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