Threat to bomb and blow up JBay

By Bev Mortimer

Jeffreys Bay police  are investigating a ‘Bomb-threat’  case and detectives are following up on various leads.

Information pertaining to the  bomb threat is sketchy.  The only information related to the media so far by Lt Gerda Swart of the Uitenhage Communications SAPs  has revealed the following:

A complainant received a voice message  on 11 February last month in the evening in which an alleged suspect made threats that Jeffreys Bay will be blown up.

A report in a newspaper alleged that the intended ‘bomber’ said he was busy finishing off his bomb and that he would warn the complainant when he would let the bomb off. He  also allegedly used swear words 

A case was officially registered with Jeffreys Bay SAPS on 7 March 2016. 

“The SAPS treat all bomb threats in a serious light and thorough investigations into this matter are currently underway,” Swart said.

 No arrests were made and police are investigating.


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