Pay your traffic fines or face arrest

More than 3000 drivers could face arrest on Kouga roads if they do not pay their outstanding traffic fines.

This week a driver for whom six warrants of arrest were issued, was stopped at a road block. He had to pay R3 300 on the scene to avoid arrest.

This was revealed by Kouga’s executive mayor , Daphne Kettledas, in a release sent out by Kouga Municipality today, 16 March.  A total of 3 750 warrants of arrest have been issued for drivers who failed to pay their fines by the due date and also failed to appear in court on the stipulated date to contest their fines.

 Kettledas said the municipality had no option but to come down hard on traffic offenders as lawlessness on the roads was escalating and endangering the lives of innocent people.

 “South Africa has one of the highest road death tolls in the world. There have also been some horrific accidents here in Kouga.

“As local governors we have a responsibility to protect road-users from drivers who choose to ignore laws aimed at keeping people safe,” she said.

Kettledas warned that Kouga Traffic Department will be holding road blocks across the region as part of the municipality’s drive to clamp down on traffic offenders.

“If a warrant of arrest has been issued for you and you are stopped at the road block, you will be arrested on the spot if you cannot pay your traffic fine. You will also have to pay an additional R200 fine for being in contempt of court,” sheaksi warned.

Drivers who would like to pay their outstanding fines to avoid jail time can contact Shaun on 071 786 1169 or Jan on 071 568 0101 at the Kouga Traffic Department.

The Mayor also revealed that improving enforcement of traffic laws has been a priority for the municipality over the past year, and ICAM traffic cameras hare now in use in the region.   

“We appeal to all road users to abide by the traffic laws. They are not there to frustrate or hamper anyone. They are there to keep you and your loved ones safe.” 




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