NSRI volunteers endanger their lives to rescue two trapped dogs

In a moving tale of bravery NSRI Port Elizabeth volunteers on Christmas Day rescued two dogs pinned in a quarry tunnel by sand, mud and rubble after they chased a Dassie down a hole.

The NSRI volunteers spent about three hours rescuing the dogs yesterday evening 25 December, endangering their lives in the process as a most precarious tunnel had collapsed on the dogs and was in danger of also collapsing on them.

A distraught resident, Mrs Daniel  said her two dogs, Brody and Levi, chased a Dassie, while  she was walking them close to her home  by Salem Way in Westering. The dogs went down a hole among quarry rubble and debris.

NSRI Port Elizabeth was activated at 7.40 pm on Christmas Day  alerted EC Government Health EMS rescue and the Nelson Mandela Bay Fire and Rescue Services while NSRI Port Elizabeth volunteers, who live nearby, responded to investigate.

Coastal Rescue and the Mountain Club of South Africa – Search and Rescue were also activated to assist and joined the NSRI rescuers.


The rescuers of two trapped dogs last night… [hoto supplied by NSRI

On arrival the NSRI volunteers, Alan Singman, Ryan Meyer and Natasha Smith found the two dogs were trapped in a deep hole under rubble, mud, cement blocks and debris that had collapsed. Only one dog could be heard barking at this stage but to free the dogs was a challenge and risky.

A distraught Mrs Daniels was found desperately trying to dig through the mud and rubble to reach her dogs and the NSRI crew members began to clear as much of the rubble as they could despite fears of a further collapse.

Using a spade and with the scene illuminated by torches and flood lights Alan, in a confined space, was able to dig deeper into the collapsed tunnel. Despite a risk of a further collapse, Alan continued to dig.

After close to two hours and using a hook line Brody was freed and handed over muddied but uninjured into the care of Mrs Daniels.  Levi was then heard barking and as the confined space allowed only one rescuer, Alan continued into the hole still mindful the tunnel could collapse.

About 25 minutes later Levi was reached and handed also uninjured into the care of his owner

The two dogs were soon running around and seemed spritely and unharmed.

A relieved Mrs Daniels thanked the rescue crews and no further assistance was required.


Edited by St Francis Chronicle

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