Another car shoots off the Sand River Bridge

Yet another  car went over the temporary bridge over the Sand River  outside St Francis Bay in the early hours of this morning, 27 December 2015.

About 50 cars at least  have gone over the temporary bridge since it broke in flood waters in 2011.  

At about 1 am an ambulance stationed at Billy’s Beach during the music evening there last night, 26 December, was crossing the bridge this morning and noticed skid marks and stopped to investigate.  A white Polo with a Western Province registration was lying at the bottom of the dry river bed.

The safety cushion had imploded but there were no passengers inside the vehicle. The doors of the vehicle were locked.  Later this morning the car had been towed away.

The SA  police station in St Francis Bay was not even aware a car had gone off the bridge this morning.  The morning shift coming into the town from  Humansdorp said there was no car  lying on the river bed when they came on duty this morning.

 In most cases if the drivers are unhurt they do not report the accident to the police station and arrange for a tow service to pick up their car before daylight.

Construction of a new permanent bridge is expected to start this coming year 2016.

Motorists entering or leaving St Francis Bay are warned to exercise due caution when approaching the bridge and to slow down to the speed limits clearly indicated by signage.  There are no lights at the bridge so visibility is poor at night or in bad weather.

Motorists are also requested not to drink and drive.  The Kouga Traffic Department has warned that there will mbe zero tolerance for drunken drivers this season..

Billy’s Beach Management says it advocates safe driving. It says it has accordingly organised a shuttle bus service for those unable to drive home.  There is also the hop-on, hop-off bus which can take people home if they are under the influence. The number is: 0791437404

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