St Francis Today news letter to be launched

A new News Letter for St Francis residents, home owners and lovers of the area far and wide will be launched daily from this week, from tomorrow.

St Francis Chronicle, in collaboration with St Francis Today Online will  bring subscribers daily news today to their email Inbox – every morning of the week from around 8.30 am.

The News Letter aims to be a one-stop shop for news such as, load shedding, weather. local and national news headlines, plus events and happenings daily to your inbox.

Here is a snapshot of what the front page will look like… Anyone wishing to subscribe to the St Francis Today New letter, please send us an email or give us your email address in our Message box here on FB.  Feedback also welcome.

St Francis Today News Letter has been sent out to some businesses and residents as a preview and already has followers.

St Francis Today News Letter

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