NSRI recues teenager injured while sand boarding

A 13 year-old boy injured while sand boarding at Knysna had to be rescued by the local NSRI volunteer duty crew this afternoon, 15 July.

The teenager who suffered a knee injury, had to be carried by NSRI volunteers at least a kilometre along the beach to Brenton on Sea so he could be taken from there to hospital.

Jerome Simonis, NSRI Knysna station commander, said at 1.30 pm the crew were activated following a request for assistance from a guide at Sand Boarding Tours reporting a teenager injured on the stretch of beach between Buffalo Bay and Brenton On Sea. The crew launched their sea rescue craft Jolen and Colorpress Rescuer and the sea rescue vehicle. Ambulance services were also activated.

“High tide was coming in so rather than risk taking our sea rescue vehicle along the beach to the location and possibly be cut off at high tide, the sea rescue craft beached at the location,” Simonis said.

NSRI medics stabilised and splinted the knee injury. The teenager was suffering from a suspected dislocation or fracture to the left knee. The knee was secured as a precautionary measure and the crew carried the teenager, fastened to a stretcher, to the waiting ambulance. Paramedics took over treatment and transported the boy to hospital in a stable condition for X-Rays and further treatment.

It was later confirmed that the boy is being treated for torn ligaments in a Knysna hospital and is in a stable condition.


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