No arrests yet in Jadye Panayiotou murder case

No suspect has been arrested or positively linked to the the murder of Jayde Panayiotou at this point in time, SAP detectives said today.

In a release sent out at 1.11 pm today, 28 April, a week after Jayde’s body was found in a Uitenhage township, it says  detectives assigned to the investigation of the murder of Jayde Panayioutou are working around the clock to follow up all information and leads they have in the case.

 “Persons of interests have been questioned since the day of the victim’s abduction, which is normal procedure during an investigation,” the release says. “And the detectives will continue doing so until the perpetrators involved in her abduction and murder are arrested. The investigation is continuing.”

The police also say the media will be kept up to date via media statements and on the SAP Twitter page.

Read earlier release yesterday:



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