Wounded St Francis Bay fsherman rescued by NSRI

A local fisherman with rib injuries had to be rescued at sea by the NSRI St Francis Bay yesterday as the boat  could not enter Port St Francis owing to huge wave swells and fierce winds.

Yesterday, 27 November, the NSRI said it was activated following a request for assistance from the chokka fishing boat, Southern Fighter, which had a 39 year-old fisherman on board suffering from  rib fractures.

 The fishing boat , 5 nautical miles offshore, was denied permission to enter the the local port because of 5 to 6 meter breaking swells in the harbour entrance and a gusting to 35 knot South Easterly wind. “ NSRI St Francis Bay were tasked to  fetch the patient at sea, 5 nautical miles from port.

“The NSRI volunteer duty crew launched their boat, Spirit of St Francis II, and fetched the wounded fisherman, bringing himsafely back to shore.

 A fishing company representatives took the patient to a doctor for further medical evaluation.

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