Truce with parliamentary opposition parties is off

The agreement between Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and opposition parties represented in Parliament has been called off.

This was revealed yesterday, 24 November,  after Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa met with opposition leaders at Emoyeni, Johannesburg yesterday.

The Deputy President said the agreement reached with opposition parties could not proceed as the Democratic Alliance (DA) decided to table a motion of censure against the President in Parliament last week.

“We gave them an explanation that the deal is off. This was largely due to the DA’s motion of censure against the President, which departed from the spirit around which the deal was struck. We also said we must now allow processes in Parliament to unfold,” the Deputy President said after the meeting.

He said Parliament has a number of structures and committees and methods of dealing with Parliamentary matters.

The meeting, which reviewed developments since the last meeting held in Cape Town, took place against the backdrop of efforts to create open lines of communication between the executive and political parties as well as the recent agreement reached with political parties.

Deputy President Ramaphosa said what was important was that all political parties work together when it comes to matters of upholding decorum and dignity in the National Assembly and making sure all parties obey the rules.

“We can create a climate that is conducive for the executive to come and appear before Parliament and be accountable and answer questions,” Deputy President Ramaphosa said.


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