Increased risk for load-shedding later this week – Eskom

The risk for load-shedding will increase later this week Eskom warned today, 24 November 2014.

The risk increases as water and diesel reserves decline. “Mild and cloudy weather is forecasted from Wednesday onwards, which will increase the demand in electricity, thereby putting pressure on the system and increasing the risk for load shedding.”

South Africa’s power system is expected to be tight for the next few days, says Eskom.

“The system is expected to be very tight over the evening peaks for the next few days. However, the risk of load shedding for Monday and Tuesday (24-35 Mpve,ber)  is medium to low., ” Eskom said today.

“This is owing to steady progress made in building reserves over the weekend to limit the risk of load shedding this week,” said the power utility in its system status bulletin on Monday.
The utility, which implemented load-shedding across the country this past weekend, called on all South Africans to use electricity sparingly.
“Less is more this summer and homeowners and businesses can do so with just four steps: first, switching off geysers and pool pumps; second, switching off non-essential lights; third, efficient use of air-conditioners by keeping the room temperature at 23⁰C; and finally, responding to the alerts on TV each evening.” –



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