Repairs to storm damage at St Francis Bay’s beaches

Stormy weather has caused damage to the St Francis Bay beaches, rock revetments  and access stairs or boardwalks.

The St Francis Bay Residents Association (SFBRA)  has taken action to repair some of these areas prior to the Christmas holidays. 

The stairs leading to the beach at Peter Crescent were removed before the revetments could be repaired which included the installing of new bidem.  After this work was completed the stairs were repositioned. 

The repair project was conducted under difficult conditions owing to the lack of sand on the beach. This necessitated doing much of the work from above. 

The project has been completed and is back to its original state.  Many of the rocks also needed to be repositioned as they were precariously balanced and could have caused serious injuries to holidaymakers.

Photos: SFBRA
Photos: SFBRA

Revetment and stairs damage at Peter Crescent_Page_2

Duncan Lethbridge junior of Total Productive Instruments carried out this project on behalf of the SFBRA at below cost.  The SFBRA thanks Lethbridge for once again assisting the town in this way. 

Throughout this year, sometimes at no cost, Lethbridge has come to the aid of this community. For example,  the constant unblocking of pipes under the temporary Sand River causeway.  Lethbridge’s support for the community is greatly appreciated.

The next beach to be attended to will be the one at Anne Avenue.  Lethbridge will carry out this project prior to the season.  Both projects have been paid for by the SFBRA out of funds allocated on an annual basis for community projects.


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