Blackouts countrywide this weekend

Eskom will implement rotational load shedding in stage 2 over the weekend in a bid to augment its water and diesel reserves for the week ahead. 

Load shedding in Kouga Municpality area will be:

 Eskom has released the following load shedding times for the weekend (Sat and Sun):

J-Bay 8 – 10.30 am
St Francis  4-6.30 pm
Humansdorp 6-8.30 pm

 The power system is extremely constrained today, 28 November, 2014 and into the weekend, which will necessitate the use of open cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) for most of today.  “We anticipate that a portion of the capacity normally imported from Cahora Bassa hydroelectric (HCB) power station in Mozambique will be unavailable on Sunday as the plant undergoes urgent planned maintenance,” Eskom says.

 Next week, the electricity system will be constrained on Monday and Tuesday.  “Emergency reserves will be used through the evening peaks but any unforeseen technical problems at power stations or an increase in demand due to the weather conditions could necessitate the implementation of rotational load shedding.”

Eskom says it will provide regular updates on the power supply situation through various media.   

 The power utility calls on consumers to urgently switch off geysers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances throughout the day to limit the impact of rotational load shedding. As workers leave office buildings this evening we ask that they please switch off the lights, with the exception of security lighting and they should avoid leaving on air-conditioning overnight.

Eskom’s load shedding schedules are available for Eskom direct customers on our website (


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