NSRI Strandfontein and paramedics battled to save shot angler’s life

An angler was shot after he and a friend were held up by armed robbers at Strandfontein beach early this morning.  

The NSRI paramedics battled in vain for to save his life.

Clint Abrahams, NSRI Strandfontein deputy station commander, said: during the early hours of this morning, 8 June, a few of our NSRI Strandfontein volunteer sea rescue duty crew were at the sea rescue station because of an early morning power outage and the crew had to turn on the generator to keep essential equipment on charge.

They were interrupted by a local man, an angler, frantically seeking help and reporting that his friend and fellow angler, a local man believed to be aged in his early 40s, had been shot on Strandfontein Beach by apparent robbers. The friend managed to flee to the NSRI Sea rescue base to get help.

“Our duty crew raised the alarm calling the WC Government Health EMS and the SA Police Services and then responded along the beach in our sea rescue vehicle, about 400 meters from our sea rescue station where we found the man lying on the beach unconscious, in a critical condition, suffering a gunshot wound to the chest.

“Our sea rescue medics initiated medical treatment and the man was brought to our sea rescue station secured to a trauma board where we were met by EMS paramedics and the Police.

“Paramedics battled for over an hour to save the fisherman’s life but sadly he was declared deceased by paramedics after all efforts to save him were exhausted.

“Police cordoned off the area and they have opened a murder docket and they are investigating. The body of the deceased man was later handed into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.


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