NSRI St Francis Bay searches for boat missing in Tuna Classic

Yesterday morning, 8 June, NSRI St Francis Bay searched for the Buttcat fishing boat which was still at sea in rough conditions and not responding to communications. The Buttcat had been taking part in the local Tuna Classic fishing competition. It was overdue after the fishing competition had been called off owing to unfavourable seas….

NSRI Strandfontein and paramedics battled to save shot angler’s life

An angler was shot after he and a friend were held up by armed robbers at Strandfontein beach early this morning.   The NSRI paramedics battled in vain for to save his life. Clint Abrahams, NSRI Strandfontein deputy station commander, said: during the early hours of this morning, 8 June, a few of our NSRI Strandfontein…