NSRI Yzerfontein rescue injured turtle

Photos by William Lubbe/NSRI
Photos by William Lubbe/NSRI

NSRI Yzerfontein today rescued an injured turtle off the rocks at Rooipan se Klippe .

The turtle had a cracked shell and an injured flipper and was handed over to the Sanccob volunteers.

Rudi Rodgers, NSRI Yzerfontein station commander, said at 3.2- pm m 7 June, volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated after reports from a member of the public of a large sea turtle found coming out of the ocean onto rocks at Rooipan se Klippe, Yzerfontein.


“Our NSRI Yzerfontein volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded to investigate and e found the large injured sea turtle. Assisted by members of the public our sea rescue crew carried the sea turtle to our sea rescue vehicle. The the Department of Environment – Oceans and Coasts were alerted and arrangements were made for Sanccob to send a vehicle to collect the sea turtle.


“Our sea rescue volunteers transported the sea turtle towmet the Sanccob volunteers and they have taken the sea turtle to the Table View facility. It will later be transferred to The Two Oceans Aquarium for further medical assessment and treatment.”


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