SABC is looking for One-Day leaders

Great leaders are defined by their passion, their persistence and their courage to effect change.
Anyone wishing tophone SABC about this or to get the forms:  they can phone 678 0706 or visit to download the entry form.
Are you South Africa’s next great leader? Do you have what it takes to lead this country to a better future? Do you think that your ideas and solutions embrace the very meaning of democracy? 

One Day Leader is a reality show that seeks the best young leaders in South Africa, and puts their leadership skills and abilities to the test.  It’s a thirteen week long competency test, characterised by outwitting of brains and strategy, ultimately declaring our One Day Leader.

The tasks and challenges that will be posed to our One Day Leader participants will address social, economic and political issues that affect our country on a daily basis. 
For thirteen weeks, South Africa will watch as a hand-picked group of young leaders show why they should be the winner of this unique television reality series.  

Who can enter for this reality series?

  • A young person between 18 and 25 who has what it takes to make a difference.
  • Must have a South African green bar coded ID book
  • Must have personalities that are suitable for national television
  • Entrant must be actively involved in a project that contributes directly to Community Development and/ or Nation Building and have a portfolio of evidence for work and contributions done under this project.
  • Having an understanding of the English language is a benefit as studio debates are conducted in English
  • Must be available between June 2014 and September 2014

Entries Open 1 April 2014 and close 15 May 2014 at  40n.

Phone the SABC in Johannesburg if you want to be a one day leader. Or visit the website : and ask how to apply under ‘contact’.

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