St Francis Bay man missing in Kromme River

A 26 year-old St Francis Bay man is missing in the Kromme River after a canoe capsized yesterday evening.

The incident happened about 10kms up the river according to Marc May, station commander of the NSRI station 21 in St Francis Bay.

Despite an extensive search  most of the night, the man has not been found.

May says that at 6 pm yesterday evening, 5 April 2014,  the local NSRI volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a man having disappeared in the Kromme River after a small canoe that he and two friends were on reportedly capsized while the men were paddling on the river. 

“NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer crew who live on the river responded with their own boats and NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer crew responded by road plus the SAP and Private Care ambulance services responded. “On arrival at the river, a search commenced for the man, who according to the two friends disappeared under water after the canoe capsized. It is believed the canoe also disappeared under water and has not been found either.

The two friends raised the alarm upon reaching shore. The men were uninjured. 

“NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the water to free dive search and searches along the river banks plus searches by boats on the river continued well into the night. But there was no trace of the missing man. 

May says that today, Sunday 5 April 2014, local NSRI volunteers volunteers are assisting the police with an ongoing search and have deployed their boats to assist the police with the ongoing search. A police K-9 dog search and rescue unit are also on the scene assisting.

“A Police Dive Unit has been alerted. Police have opened an investigation into the incident,”   May added.

(Note: It was initally reported to the NSRI that the man was 45 years-old. NSRI has since reported  that the missing man is 26 years-old).


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