St Francis Bay Disaster Fund raises +R109 000

The St Francis Bay Disaster Fund set up to assist those affected by the recent fire disaster has  accrued just more than R109 000.

The Fund  committee, chaired by Tony Butler of  the St Francis Bay Riparian Homeowners Association (SFBRHOA), has started planning on disbursement of these funds. On the committee are representatives from the SFBRHOA, the St Francis Bay Residents Association (SFBRA), Ukupha and the Rotary Satellite Club of St Francis.

The accountant is Paul Pezarro, treasurer of the SFBRA. The committee is committed to a policy of  transparency and regular updates on progress will be provided to local media.

Affected parties have all been identified and will shortly be contacted with a view to
establishing specific needs.

The minutes of the St Francis Bay Disaster Fund committee meetings will be available for public  scrutiny on  Anyone who may have suggestions or questions  for the committee regarding the disbursement of  the funds can e-mail

The committee extends sincere thanks and appreciation to all who so generously contributed.


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