Not many burnt houses will be demolished before Christmas

St Francis Bay Residents Association says it has  met with  a Kouga official, Trevor de Groot, to discuss  issues surrounding the demolition and rebuilding of houses destroyed in the recent fire. 

At this stage it looks as if not many houses will be demolished by 14 December, after which the builders are on holiday for a month and no demolition will take place.

 It appears that a number of out-of-town builders are quoting on the rebuilding of some of these houses. “We we would like to issue a word of caution that some of these builders might not be aware of the building costs in St Francis Bay which tend to be higher than in a place like Port Elizabeth due to logistics and the cost of transporting materials,” the Association says.

 The Association also says it supports the idea of residents using local builders, plumbers and electricians as well as architects and structural engineers. 

 The Association says as a point of interest all contractors must be aware that any demolition work on properties beyond the bridge in Grande Comore that the maximum load on that bridge is 10 Tonnes. 

 If anyone has any queries please feel to contact Nigel Aitken on 082 465 3719


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