Sand River temp bridge to be tarred

  The St Francis Bay Residents’ Association has been advised that funds have been made available to pave the temporary causeway over the Sand River.

 “This is good news as any other form of slurrying and tarring requires constant maintenance,” the Association says. ” This work will commence within the next two weeks but unfortunately will necessitate the Sand River Bridge being closed for a full day (8 am –  5pm). 

“Once we know the exact date the Association will advise accordingly.  For businesses in St Francis Bay requiring daily deliveries your suppliers will need to be advised.  If you require any further information please contact Nigel Aitken on 082-465-3719.”

This is just one of several repairs or improvements currently on the go in St Francis Bay that include: 

* Work has commenced on extending the stairs down to the beach at Nevil Road behind the lifesavers hut.< according to the St6 Francis Bay Residents Association.

* The top end of Tom Brown Boulevard has had potholes filled and now the team is working in St Francis Drive from the turn off to the Port to repair the remaining potholes in that street.  As soon as that is completed George Road will be repaired.

* The drainage system has now been installed at the end of Ralph Road and the surface re-tarred.  Next week the contractor hopes to lay the pipes under St Francis Drive between the two sections of the golf course, once this is done it will be tarred.

 * The Residents Association will be paying for 40 & 50 kilometre speed signs to be made.  Hopefully this will be done before the holidays.


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