Old age home sorely needed in Sea Vista

An old age home in Sea Vista is sorely needed as old people there have to sit alone all day with nothing to do.

Captain Kiviet of the SAP station in St Francis Bay leads the women in singing and dancing at the high tea in St Francis Bay this morning.

This was said by Violet Vunyiwe du Plooy at the high tea held for women by the SAP in St Francis Bay this morning. All women older than 60 years were invited. A large group of elderly folk from Sea Vista were brought down to the Bowling Club hall where the event was held this morning.

SAP  women from the St Francis Bay station at the high tea in St Francis Bay included these smiling cops , Liefie de Lange, Suzzy Makoza, Janine Grobbelaar and Marisa Botha.

“There is an old age home in Humansdorp, but that is too far to travel to from Sea Vista and most family members cannot afford this,” Violet said.

She also said elderly women in Sea Vista sat all day alone by themselves at home waiting for the family members to return home and then would go to bed.  “They need activities and things to occupy them. Violet pleaded with those in power or with influence to strive to establish an old age home in Sea Vista.


Pastor Andrew opened the happy event with prayers and then Captain Kiviet of the local SAP in St Francis welcomed everyone by leading the whole gathering of about 60-odd women in intermittent, joyful outbursts of singing and dancing.

This was followed by an address by invited guest speaker, police officer Botha who was based in St Francis Bay but is now serving the SAP in Humansdorp. Then there were lucky number draws with some lovely prizes for the winners , plus there people were invited to address the crowd. One lady Violet, Vunyiwe du Plooy, spoke about the dire need for an old age home to be built in St Francis Bay.

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