News Flash!! St Francis residents to march in JBay

By Bev Mortimer: A proposed protest march by St Francis residents is planned for 12 September 2012  in Jeffreys Bay,

The march, organised by the St Francis Bay Residents’ Association (SFBRA),  to   Kouga Municipality’s  offices  in Da Gama Road  is planned to voice dissatisfaction over  the lack of service delivery in St Francis Bay and Kouga. It is planned that march organisers will hand over  a letter of complaints to the Mayor, Booi Koerat..

All dissatisfied people from St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and Sea Vista are invited to join in the march. It is hoped other Kouga towns through their residents associations will also participate in the planned march, including Fekra , the Federation of Residents Associations in Kouga.

The SFBRA says this is also an ideal opportunity for Sea Vista residents to also complain about the lack of municipal services in their area. More details will be announced in due course.

In other news released by the SFBRA, owing to a number of complaints the potholes in St Francis Drive along the shopping area were addressed by the municpal pothole team as a priority after which this team will continue to fill potholes towards the Port. 

The Humansdorp municipal pothole team is continuing to repair Lyme Road South.  The enormous hole in Assissi Drive just beyond Homestead Road is being temporarily repaired by filling with a mixture of earth and stone.  It appears the TLB will be back in service today as it has now been repaired.

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