Police helicopter searches for man lost at sea

An SAP helicopter searches for the body of Simon Moses, 25, from Sea Vista who disappeared in the waves while swimming at Main Beach, St Francis Bay yesterday. Photo: Bev Mortimer

An SAP helicopter arrived in St Francis Bay this morning and spent several hours searching over the sea from the Kromme River mouth to Santareme for the body of Simon Moses, 25, who disappeared while swimming yesterday afternoon.

Simon went for a swim after having lunch with his niece, Nomvuyo Sisusa, who worked with him at the Department of Public Works. Both are from Sea Vista.

While swimming back to shore a big wave dunked him and he disappeared beneath the waves, Nomvuyo said. He never resurfaced.

It’s believed he has drowned and his body has washed along the St Francis coastline.

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The helicopter will spend most of today searching for Simon.

St Francis Bay’s NSRI team  at Station 21 searched till late yesterday looking for Simon with no luck.

Update to follow…

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