Man disappears in the sea at Main beach – updated 5 pm

NSRI searching for him…

  A 25 year-old Sea Vista man disappeared in the sea today after being dunked by a wave at Main Beach, St Francis Bay,  at lunchtime.

The Station 21 NSRI volunteer team in St Francis Bay in the Spirit of St Francis II boat, spent hours going up and down parallel to the beach in the vicinity where the man was last seen. Two  NSRI volunteers, Kerwin and Paul, swam underwater for quite some time looking for the man as well.

NSRI team members from Station 21, St Francis Bay searched along the coastline at Main Beach this afternoon for a 25 year-old man who disappeared beneath the waves while swimming. Photo: Bev Mortimer

The man’s name has been withheld until the SAP have made contact with the rest of the man’s family.

Apparently he was having lunch with his niece and her co-workers before he decided to go for a swim. The niece told St Francis Chronicle her uncle swam out a distance then turned round and was swimming back to shore when a big wave crashed over him. He disappeared underwater and never resurfaced.

Searching by boat and underwater were NSRI team members from Station 21, St Francis Bay, this afternoon. Photo: Bev Mortimer

At 3 pm the Spirit of St Francis II was still searching the surf for the missing man. The beach was full of SAP personnel and there was an ambulance on standby.

There were also quite a few curious and concerned onlookers, including the man’s distraught niece. She said her uncle was unmarried but had a son of about 7 or 8 years-old.

It was speculated by observers at the scene that the man could still be underwater or a rip current could have taken him underwater along the coast line.

According to an NSRI release at 4.30 pn, at 1.57 pm (Wednesday, 2 November) NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer duty sea rescue crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Main Beach, St Francis Bay.

“Our NSRI volunteer duty crew launched our sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II and Private Care ambulance service, Metro EMS and a Metro EMS rescue squad, the SA Police Services and the St Francis Bay Fire and Rescue Services responded

“On arrival on-scene a search commenced for a 25 year old male who had reportedly disappeared after reportedly being dumped by a wave while wading in the surf. He is believed to be a resident of the area and police are following up on the exact details.
“An extensive sea and shore search has revealed no sign of the man who is now presumed to have drowned.

“Police have opened an inquest docket. Police divers have been alerted and NSRI will continue a search until sunset but at this point no sign of the man has been found.

“The ongoing search operation will be handed over to police following a high tide search by NSRI this late afternoon.

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Article written by: Bev Mortimer

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