Gift of the Givers to the rescue of Hankey residents

-By Bev Mortimer-The Gift of the Givers Foundation came to the rescue of Hankey residents, who were flooded with rainwater and sewerage for 10 days since 12 May.

(Photos supplied by residents)

There were 53 residents in Centerton suburb of Hankey area in Kouga municipal area of the Eastern Cape, who had to abandon their homes as everything inside was full of water, wet and ruined , plus they could not endure the abominable smell of the sewerage floating around them. Several developed fevers and had to go to doctors. Plus they had to move to in with neighbours or camp at the local hall.

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The Gift of the Givers rallied to help the Hankey residents upon hearing of their dismal plight. They arrived on 20 May in a huge truck, laden with parcels containing food, many blankets, bottled water and mattresses . They delivered their gifts of needed supplies to the local school and also to some elderly residents’ homes.

The weather was freezing at the time and the residents were so grateful as they had to borrow a few blankets from neighbours, buy more food or rely on donations. They had been surrounded in almost-deep dams of water which became flooded with sewerage from a nearby sewerage dam.

Residents related that they had made appeals immediately to the municipality to no avail for some days. Some municipal workers dropped off empty bags and residents were told to find sand, fill the bags and put the bags by their doors to stop water flooding in their homes. Since many residents were elderly or frail they could not fill their bags with sand.

On Monday this week 10 days later, the residents related to this paper, the municipality dug trenches, stopped the pump from the sewerage dam (see photos, threw dip and chemicals around the homes, see photos) and threw dip and chemicals around the areas.This week the residents at last been able to go back to their homes, mop up and move in again.

They say they are so grateful to the Gift of the Givers for helping and get through this past weekend. And they thank the municipality for drying up the water and stopping the sewerage spill this week.


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