More uncut diamonds and rubies seized in WCape

In another case of illegal possession of precious stones, on the N7 in Klawer in the Western Cape, yesterday law enforcement officers of ‘Members of Operation Restore’ found 344 unpolished diamonds and 1030 unpolished rubies in the luggage of a vehicle , that was pulled over in a roadblock.

One of the passenger’s luggage was found to have unpolished diamonds and rubies in his luggage which were confiscated by the law enforcement officers and a 43 year-old man was arrested for the illegal possession of precious stones.

The value of the diamonds is yet to be determined. The arrested man will appear soon in the Klawer Magistrates court.

Last month, on 24 April, two suspects, aged 33 and 46, were arrested on the spot and a vehicle was confiscated following the find of precious stones, uncut diamonds, rubies and much cash early yesterday, the SAPS said

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