Eskom appoints Bheki Nxumalo as Group Executive for Generation

-Edited by Bev Mortimer

Photo Credit: Eskom

– Edited by Bev Mortimer

The South African power utility run by the SA government has appointed Bheki Nxumalo as Group Executive Generation, effective immediately.
Nxumalo’s career in the energy sector spans 20 years from junior to senior management and executive levels. He is an all-round business leader comfortable in governance, people and technical aspects of the role. He will report directly to the Acting Group Chief Executive, Mr Calib Cassim.
“We have been searching for the Group Executive Generation for a while now. It has been very difficult to find a suitable candidate that would hit the ground running,” says Calib Cassim, Acting Group Chief Executive. .
“The Generation recovery plan is in full swing. We needed someone that would passionately drive the execution of recovery plan while inspiring staff to reach beyond their reach. Recently, it occurred to us that our candidate was hidden in plain sight. That leader is Bheki Nxumalo,”
Prior to this appointment, Nxumalo was Chief Executive Officer Eskom Enterprise and Eskom Rotek Industries. He has extensive operating, power station management and production experience. He was the Power Station Manager at two of Eskom’s power stations and the General Manager at Kusile Power Station. He also had a brief stint as Group Executive for Generation and Group Capital.
“We approached Bheki to consider the role. Naturally he took his time to reflect on our request and discuss it with his family and advisors. We are excited to announce that he decided to take the challenge. He is clearly the best person for the job. Our priority is to give him all the support he needs to do what he loves,” says Cassim
Nxumalo coments on his new position: “I am truly honoured to be asked to lead Eskom Generation at this critical time. I literally grew up in Eskom.
“I strongly believe Eskom has the technical and managerial capability to turn things around.
“The majority of Eskom employees are passionate about their work and company. I know I can count on the support of my colleagues in Exco and the new Eskom board to make this a reality,” says Bheki.
“I would like to thankThomas Conradie, who has acted in the role for the past few months, for his selfless leadership and dedication to our business. I am cognisant of the sacrifices one has to make both personally and with family to lead a division like Generation. We are grateful that he accepted the responsibility to lead Generation while we were looking for a permanent placement,” Cassim adds.


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