Kromme Joint River Committee welcomes holidaymakers

The Kromme Joint River Committee (KJRC) wishes to welcome all visitors and holiday makers to the Kromme River over the school holidays in March and the Easter period in April 2023 and wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
It is necessary to again reiterate that the River Mouth is changing on a regular basis and with it so does access to and from the sea. The constant change also affects access to and from Ski Canal to the sea and through the basin and Mouth to the River. Care has therefore to be taken at all times when exiting or entering the Mouth and basin.
There are also strong currents present and it is advisable not to engage in swimming activity in the Mouth and basin area.

Kromme River photo by Marcel Mortimer
For the safety of all River users, it has become necessary to implement certain changes during busy holiday periods. The number of boats has increased and so has the number of kite surfers, wind surfers, foil surfers and paddlers etc. in the Mouth and basin area.
It has therefore been decided that the stretch of River from the “pink house” on the Jeffreys Bay side of the Mouth all the way to Ski Canal will be a “NO WAKE ZONE” for all motorised craft. Similarly, from the end of Ski Canal to the “pink house” a “NO WAKE ZONE” will also apply.
Signs are in place to indicate the start and end of the “NO WAKE ZONE” from both sides.
Furthermore, jetskis will no longer be allowed to enter the River past a sign in place indicating “NO JETSKIS BEYOND THIS POINT. All jetskis must turn immediately right from the end of Ski Canal towards the sea. A “NO WAKE ZONE” will be applied for jetskis going out to sea from the end of Ski Canal to the Spit whereafter speed may be increased. Likewise, when jetskis return from the sea, the “NO WAKE ZONE” will be applicable from the end of the Spit to Ski Canal before they turn immediately left into Ski Canal.
Boats exiting or entering the Mouth will also have to obey this particular “NO WAKE ZONE”.
Signs are in place to indicate the start and end of this “NO WAKE ZONE” for jetskis and boats going out to sea or coming back from the sea.

Kromme River Mouth area – By Bev Mortimer

The map above shows the relevant “NO WAKE ZONES” applicable to motorised craft and jetskis.
River patrols will be on duty and will, apart from the normal duties, also be tasked to assist with implementation of the aforementioned arrangement regarding “NO WAKE ZONES” to ensure the safety of all River users during the busy holiday period.
Care must still be taken when cruising up or down the River as, due to the ongoing silting of the River, the navigable channels have become extremely shallow and narrow in places. Although DEDEAT has authorised the EIA for the Spit and Beach whereby sand will be dredged from the River to replenish the Beach, no dredging will be allowed until final approval has been obtained and the project commences.
It needs to be pointed out again that the Geelhout River is a conservancy area and a “NO WAKE ZONE” is applicable on the entire navigable length of this River. Jet boats are also not allowed to use this River or any part thereof. Please take note of the relevant signs that are in place regarding the aforementioned.
River users are also requested to please refrain from playing loud music and making unnecessary noise when using the River as this is causing a disturbance to homeowners along the River.
NB! Please remember the following:
* The skipper’s licence must be available on the craft at all times.
* A copy of the COF must be available on the craft at all times.
* Skiing and tubing may only take place in the demarcated Ski Zone area.
* Tubing in particular may only take place in a straight line.
* Cautionary signs on the River must be taken note of and adhered to while speeding in these areas must must be avoided.
* “Scurfing” is not allowed on the River as this causes serious erosion of the River banks.
* Refrain from unruly behaviour and causing noise and/or disturbance.
* Jetskis are not allowed on the River and have to exit from Ski Canal directly to the sea.
* Jetskis are not allowed to go beyond the sign at the end of the Spit.
The abovementioned are just some of the by-laws and rules applicable for use of the River and are there to ensure the safety of River users for maximum enjoyment and holiday fun for everyone.


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